Oink Oink! Welcome to thefatpigs.com

    This site is where I come to document my latest food adventures; sharing thoughts on my dining experiences and posting pictures of the delectables that I have recently devoured.

    Life is too short, and my love for food too great, to let something like guilt get in the way of an indulgent experience – a Fat Pig experience.  I believe in spoiling yourself, trying something new, experimenting in your own kitchen and sharing your culinary fun with friends and family.

    Do you agree? Do you want to spoil your inner piggy too?  Well, here’s how!

    A Fat Pig:

    • agrees that there is NO room for guilt at the table
    • knows that a meal should always start with something bubbly
    • never hesitates to order an appetizer
    • is happy to share if it means trying more of the menu
    • believes that no portion is ever too big
    • orders dessert even when they’re full

    I hope you enjoy trotting around this site… oh, and my name is Emily, by the way. It’s nice to meet you!