BELGIUM PLACE – Fairview/West Broadway

Let’s talk waffles, Piggies: scrumptious, tasty, delightful Belgium Waffles! And the place to get them? Belgium Place.

It is with serious piggy enthusiasm that I recommend this café and after my very recent visit, I definitely suggest that you grab their SocialShopper voucher before you go. Heck, grab two vouchers – it would make a fabulous gift for one of your fellow Piggy friends. Priced at $13.00 (value up to $27.30) you and your date will enjoy an authentic Belgian waffle experience: 2 savoury or sweet waffles with toppings – or go for one of each like I did – plus 2 drinks, hot or cold.

Located on the corner of Fir Street at 1598 West Broadway, Belgium Place has been cleverly decorated – think black, red and yellow, just like the flag – and has been staffed with some very friendly faces. The night I was in, the girls behind the counter were more than pleasant; happy to make suggestions, explain the menu, and then patiently wait while I made my tough decisions!

The inside has been well furnished with gorgeous wooden tables and there are even a few coveted patio tables outside, allowing you to indulge in the beautiful summer sunshine while you dine on your delicious waffles. Not a bad way to spend an evening or an afternoon break from a South Granville shopping session!

My piggy picks for the night? I went with the Strawberry Vanilla waffle and the Spiced Tomato Chicken Waffle (served with a Chimay cheese melt) and boy, was I ever pleased with my selections. Both dishes arrived perfectly plated and were equally delicious in their own right. The savoury waffle was full of rich, delicious flavours and it was served with a pleasant little green salad on the side. And as for the sweet waffle – it was served on a bed of caramel sauce and alongside strawberry compote, whipped cream, and two scoops of vanilla gelato. I mean, what more could a Piggy ask for?!

All in all, my SocialShopper experience was a total success and I can see exactly why Belgium Place has been getting such great reviews on sites like Yelp and Urbanspoon. Personally, I got such a kick out of knowing that most of their ingredients come directly from Belgium and it’s easy to tell that they are of the highest quality. I’m fully convinced that a trip to Belgium would suit this Piggy just fine but until that time comes, I’ll be getting my waffle fix from this local café.

“Goed gedaan”, Belgium Place – I’ll see you again soon!

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