Class 4, Week 4 was another busy one. We were off to the races with 3 items on the menu: baked goat cheese & brie with warm honey-lavender dressing, slow pan fried snapper with kumut and strawberry salsa, and a delicious made-from-scratch lemony lemon tart for dessert.

The baked cheese starter was super easy and so delicious! I’ll be sure to make this at home again and again. Blend your cheeses together, divide and shape into individual portions, coat with herbs and toasted nuts of your choice, and bake long enough to just soften the cheese. Drizzle a warm dressing on top and serve alongside some roasted tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, or both!

Next we prepared a slow pan fried snapper. Oil and butter were placed in a cold pan and slowly heated until the butter began to foam and bubble. The fish (rubbed with Dijon and sliced almonds) was placed in the pan, presentation side down, and carefully cooked until the edges began to turn opaque. It was then turned over and left to cook until it looked like it wanted to break apart. We then removed the fish, added garlic to the pan, and tossed in our already par cooked green beans, seasoning with a bit more salt and pepper. Kumut and quinoa made the bed for our snapper to sit on and we placed a nice spoonful of delicious strawberry salsa on top. Not only did this salsa give the meal a nice punch of flavor, it added a beautiful splash of colour to the plate.

The best was saved for last: the lemon tart! Our sweet dough (butter, sugar, egg yolk, zest and flour) was made, chilled, rested, and was rolled out and placed as the lining of our tart pan. Put in the oven to “blind bake” all we had left to do was compose the lemon curd custard. We combined sugar, lemon zest, cornstarch, and salt and whisked all the ingredients together in a sauce pan on low heat. When it came to a bubble, we knew the cornstarch had properly thickened the custard, and we were thus ready to stir in the cubed butter. We strained it, cooled it, and then added it to our tarts. Talk about delicious!

It was another busy class, from start to finish, but this one ended with such a delicious lemony reward. As per usual here are some of the DOs & DON’Ts from class. Chef Tony was off this week (likely working on his next comedy routine!) but Chef Warren certainly had some tips and tricks worth sharing:


  • trim off the rind of the brie if you prefer
  • use a wooden spoon to blend/smear your cheeses together
  • buy pre-sliced almonds
  • rinse quinoa before cooking and cook like you would rice
  • cook kumut like you would pasta
  • use unsalted butter
  • chill dough for at least an hour


  • take the walnuts too far in a food processor as they will turn to butter
  • stop stirring/whisking custard ingredients
  • roll dough “back and forth” – away from you only
  • oil the tart shell


photo 4a

snapper pre

dinner main 2

a- curd prep

tart up close

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