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Until last week, I had not dined at Cork and Fin. How this happened (or rather didn't happen!) I'm not sure, but thanks to the Dine Out Vancouver Festival, I rectified this puzzling piggy omission ...and did so at an exceptionally good price!

This year, Cork and Fin's $28 menu featured 3 savoury courses and an optional 3 wine pairing for $18. The Fat Pig pal that accompanied me was happy to order different items and share both the food and drink that arrived at the table. As a result, I was able to try quite a few enticing items! Perhaps the decision to leave dessert off the 3 course menu didn't go over well with everybody but for this Piggy it allowed me to explore more of Cork and Fin's menu - to better experience what their food philosophy is all about. And besides, sweets are not the only treats. Can one really turn up their snout at steak for dessert? I think not.

I've listed Cork and Fin’s Dine Out menu below but I'll pass on my highlights from each course. All of these items I will go back for… hopefully sooner than later!

APPETIZER: I absolutely loved the HEIRLOOM BEETS. The whipped Chèvre was to die for and the wine pairing was the perfect way to start the meal – I must say: I've loved the Haywire Bub ever since the day we met.

ENTREE: This course was a close call. Although I narrowly favoured the STEAK TARTARE, the ALBACORE TUNA was also delicious, and both were presented beautifully. I indulged in multiple sips of both wine pairings and enjoyed them equally. If you like a fruity flavour to your wine... Dirty Laundry's Gewürztraminer will knock your socks off!

"DESSERT": This was a no-brainer for me: GRILLED NY STRIPLOIN (+$2) Crispy Potato Salad, Hoisin BBQ, Grilled Scallion. Paired with Laughing Stock's Blind Trust Red, I was 100% satisfied. No need for a sweet treat tonight. And believe me..... that's really saying something!

Happy Dine Out, Piggies - hope you're having as much fun as I am!

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Located in historic Gastown, Cork & Fin offers casual dining, whether it be on the Raw Bar for fresh shucked oysters, dining on the main level with friends or privacy on the semi-private mezzanine.

APPETIZER 1:BUFFALO MOZZARELLA Eggplant Caponata, Pickled Eggplant, Crispy Basil
*BC VQA Wine Pairing: Haywire BS White
APPETIZER 2:FRESHLY SHUCKED OYSTERS 3pc (+$6 Half Dzn)(+$14 Dzn) Champagne & Cracked Pepper Mignonette
*BC VQA Wine Pairing: Joie Farms Muscat
APPETIZER 3:HEIRLOOM BEETS Whipped Chèvre, Orange- Hazelnut Vinaigrette, Barnston Island Greens
*BC VQA Wine Pairing: Haywire Bub

ENTREE 1: STEAK TARTARE (+4) Pine Nut, Pickled Kohlrabi, Sriracha, Grainy Mustard
*BC VQA Wine Pairing: Le Vieux Pin Petit Blanc
ENTREE 2: SUN CHOKE SOUP Green Herb Oil, Sun Choke Chip, Potato Croquette
*BC VQA Wine Pairing: Laughing Stock Pinot Gris
ENTREE 3: ALBACORE TUNA Haricot Vert, Tomato Jam, Olives, Soft Egg, Meyer Citrus
*BC VQA Wine Pairing: Dirty Laundry Gewürztraminer

DESSERT 1:BUTTERNUT SQUASH TAGLIATELLE Wild Mushroom, Parmesan, Pumpkin Seed Pesto
*BC VQA Wine Pairing: Joie Farms Pinot Noir
DESSERT 2: LOCAL LING COD Apple Dashi, Roasted Celeriac, Brussel Sprouts, Crispy Leek
*BC VQA Wine Pairing: Dirty Laundry Naughty Chard
DESSERT 3: GRILLED NY STRIPLOIN (+$2) Crispy Potato Salad, Hoisin BBQ, Grilled Scallion
*BC VQA Wine Pairing: Laughing Stock Blind Trust Red

Special Notes: Cork & Fin is proud to present 3 Savoury Courses as our Dine Out 2013 Menu. Dessert Offerings will still be available to order.
Beverages, tax and gratuity are extra.

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