Culinary School | WK #3

Are you aspiring to be an Entremetier? To be the person in charge of the vegetable station in the kitchen? If so, this week at NWCAV has your name written all over it. It was veggies, starches, and grains for days; on Monday alone we cooked five different preparations of onions, five more of cauliflower and we made Brussels sprouts two-ways. Wowza! Talk about off to the races, eh?

Tuesday through Thursday were days to focus on different cooking methods. I’m talking poaching, roasting, braising, deep-frying, sautéing. The list goes on and then the list meanders over to the four methods for cooking grains: risotto, pilaf, steaming and pasta. (Memory don’t fail me now!) The texture and flavour of your chosen grains will vary depending on how you choose to cook them and your vegetable preparations will differ based on whether you choose a moist or dry cooking technique, or a combination of the two. Moral of the story? Research the numerous techniques available, study up on the properties of vegetables and grains, and plan to spend some serious time in the kitchen testing out what works best and when.

We wrote our first quiz on Friday morning. (Was that room full of nervous energy, or what?!) Topics and definitions covered in the first three weeks were all fair game – metric conversions, famous Chefs, vegetable pigments – and we knew that we would have to explain in detail how to make items such as consommé, creamed soup, and Caesar Salad dressing. Time will tell how I scored, I’m hoping for low 90’s, but I’ll get back to you on that next week.

The rest of Friday included filleting a trout – Chef Tony gave an informative and entertaining demo., as per usual – executing two cooking methods for the fish and two sauces to be paired with each respectively. A Hollandaise went with our fried preparation and a Beurre Blanc went with the poached. Was it a rich, heavy and buttery way to end the week? It absolutely was. So… what’s your point?!

Well, that’s that for Week Three; happy picture scrolling, Piggies. My favourite recipes from this week were the simple potato rosti, the polenta cakes, and a Gnocchi Piemontese tossed with freshly made Pesto. Oh, and did I mention the Thai Squash and Zucchini Salad. So colourful. So full of flavour. And I mean, I dare you not to have fun using a Japanese spiral cutter? …

spiral salad





Talk to you at the end of Week Four. One month (almost) down! …




  1. A Sid
    February 8, 2015

    Beautiful pictures! I want to dig in.

    • emily
      February 8, 2015

      Thanks so much! Taking the foodie photos is half the fun for me. I’m loving every minute of this program, that’s for sure …


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