Culinary School | WK #4

Red Pepper Relish

2T olive oil
1 red pepper (finely diced or brunoised)
1T tomato paste
1T brown sugar
1 oz. Red Wine Vinegar
Salt and Pepper, to taste

1. Preheat a small frying pan (medium heat).
2. Add oil and sauté red pepper.
3. Add tomato paste and roast it in the pan for a minute.
4. Add brown sugar and then the vinegar. Reduce.
5. Serve immediately or let cool and then serve.

Time is flying by and the recipe box is filling up. If it weren’t for the calendar hanging by my desk I wouldn’t believe that the first month of Culinary School has already come and gone. Week Four was just as intense as the others: salmon, more mother sauces and an introduction to the wacky world of gluten. And I’ll be honest, this week, by end of day Wednesday, I was fried. Tired, overwhelmed and short on patience. Thank goodness for wine, good friends and a well-timed Hump-Day evening adventure; Thursday and Friday might not have been mentally possible without them!

(Ok. Enough venting…)

With soups and salads behind us, Week Four was a great week to embrace the sandwich. And I’m not talking about some old boring thing you’d pack in your lunchbox, we were composing some serious knock-your-socks-off type sandwiches, People: freshly made bread and bagels, creative made-from-scratch relishes, indulgent cheeses, kimchi, sautéed onions, and proteins like poached lobster tail and braised beef tongue. Just to name a few/Just to rub it in!

Also on the agenda this week were a few different chicken preparations: braised thighs, steamed breasts, saltimboca and southern fried wings. Equally tasty in their own right, these dishes were a good reminder of how many cooking methods are out there. En papillote, for example, was totally new to me and is now a technique that I’ll use over and over again. So moist. So scrumptious!

Sauces also played a starring role this week and I just may have fallen head over heels! From simple pan sauces, to veloute, to demi glace and sauce chasseur, one thing I now know for sure is that Sauce is Boss. I highly encourage you to research the mother sauces and play around with their derivatives. Your next entrée is incomplete without a good sauce. Trust me on that one.

Well, that’s that for this week, my Friends. I hope you like the attached photos as well as the short recipe I’ve included. Not only is this Relish easy to make and easy on the wallet, but it’s packed full of flavour and will take your next sandwich to a whole other level. That’s a piggy promise from me to you!

Talk to you next week …

lobster grilled cheese

quail egg





Salmon Rillette



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