My Dearest Fellow Piggies:

Allow me to introduce you (I would do it in person if I could!) to Tobin and Shael - they are the talented and hard-working husband and wife team behind Float On Bake Shop & Cafe. Located at 4384 Fraser Street, this 100% Gluten-Free establishment is also 100% darling; my visit brought back fond childhood memories of weekends spent up at the family cabin. You'll dine on vintage tabletops, admire the quirky mismatched plates and cutlery, and find familiarity in the recovered elementary school chairs.

Full time owners and full time parents, Tobin and Shael knew that they would be spending a significant amount of family time at Float On, especially on the weekends, so it was important to them to create a home-away-from-home atmosphere for their two beautiful little girls. With classic Disney books to read, a real chalkboard wall that's there for everyone to draw on, and a constant stream of donuts that need to be glazed, I think it's safe to say that they have created a loving spot, inspired by their children, for their children. Not to mention a friendly, warm and welcoming spot for all of us as well.  Bonus!

In addition to its charm, Float On is putting out a delicious array of Gluten-Free goods. Some dairy-free and vegan options are also available but it bears repeating that all items in the shop are Gluten-Free. Personally, I don't have any dietary restrictions - I am not gluten intolerant - but I can honestly say that based on the dishes I sampled and the treats that I indulged in, I had a true "I can't tell the difference" experience. Baker Shael, responsible for the entire Float On menu, has spent a lot of time perfecting her recipes - I mean a lot! And in my Piggy opinion, she has mastered the balance of different gluten-free flours and her use of alternative ingredients is resulting in some impressively delicious food.

Not surprisingly, my favourite part of the visit took place at the table. I shared a crepe to start, I followed that with half a sandwich, and then I indulged in a Cherry Cola Ice Cream Float at the end of the meal.  If I could pick a favourite of the bunch, I would. But I can't! The crepe was served with just the right amount of nutella and perfectly ripe banana slices, and the sandwich, stuffed with delicious meat from Bosa Foods, was served on one of the fluffiest baguettes I've ever had. And as far as the Ice Cream Float goes... I mean, what's not to love about that drink?

In addition, it's worth noting, that like a good little Piggy, I took a few goodies home with me for a late afternoon snack. Not to mention a second cup of delicious Elysian coffee to sip on during the car ride home.  I highly recommend both of the items that I chose (a Comfort Cookie and a Butterscotch donut), but I encourage you not to make the same mistake that I did: one donut was not enough!

So whether you plan to visit Float On Bakery & Cafe with your children, with a few friends, or perhaps just with that favourite book that you've read a  hundred times, I am quite sure that you'll find this space warm and full of whimsy. Sample something sweet fresh from the oven, indulge in a savory crepe, or treat yourself to a hearty sandwich served on the softest of baguettes. But no matter what, Piggies, you've got to have an Ice Cream Float - Rootbeer, Orange or Cherry Cola - because, when in Rome, am I right?!

For further details and menu information visit: www.floatonbakeshop.com/

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4384 Fraser Street

This 100% Gluten-Free establishment is warm, friendly and full of whimsy – a fabulous addition to the neighborhood.

Open For Business

One of Tobin and Shael’s girls created this sign for the window… just to remind you who’s really in charge!

Brunchy Lunchy-small

No matter what you’re craving, there is something for everyone. Plus, not surprisingly, they have a special menu section for ‘Kidlets’ – they are parents first after all.


I’ll tell you from experience, one donut is not enough for a Piggy. Not when they’re this delicious! Chocolate and Butterscotch are shown here…

Ice Cream Float

Whether you feel like Rootbeer, Orange or Cherry Cola, you’ve got to have an Ice Cream Float. I bet it’s been years since your last one!

Couple of Page-Turners

Pair your cup of delicious Elysian coffee with a quick read… because who doesn’t love a Little Golden Book?


How cute is this space?! Full of vintage and reclaimed furniture, souvenir spoons for your coffee, and a chalkboard wall to draw on, Float On is such a special place. Stop by for a visit as soon as you can – you’ll likely find me eating a donut, sipping on a Float and writing my next Piggy Post at the cute table in the corner.

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