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I love the idea of having Sunday brunch somewhere on Robson Street. Not only is there a piggy-promise of dessert before noon, but there is the potential of a shopping spree post feast! So with a spring in my step, and a little play money in my purse, I went to meet my beautiful new foodie friend, Rebecca Coleman, for brunch at Forage.

From the minute we walked in the door I felt welcome. There was such a neighbourly and inviting energy in the room. I couldn’t help but focus my attention on the spacious open bar sitting in the center of the restaurant which triggered memories of watching re-runs of Cheers – no wonder people are calling Forage the new local’s local!

Before I dive into the food, it is certainly worth mentioning how fantastic and friendly our server was. Fully confident in the Forage menu, he helped us select all our dishes and he returned to the table once we were eating with a playful I-told-you-so attitude! His witty demeanor and positive energy added to our overall dining experience.

Our meal started off with the tastiest apricot scones. They were fluffy and delicate with just the right amount of fruit. Plus, the honey butter and jams served alongside were to die for - my favourite being the cherry strawberry vanilla. And did I mention that the cappuccino I sipped while I nibbled my scone was perfection? What I wouldn’t do for one more right now!

We followed our starter with two items to share and a small but decadent portion of their chicken liver parfait: the Two Rivers turkey sausage hash and the Hanna Brook Farm cress Dungeness crab salad. These choices were just the right piggy portions, knowing that our ‘dessert’ was soon to follow. My first bite of the turkey hash was heaven. On the front end the turkey had this familiar sweetness of home-cooked maple bacon but on the back end it hit you with the perfect amount of heat. Serving it in the skillet with roasted squash… nicely done, Chef! Now, I'm not usually one to order salad at brunch, but this time around, I was so glad that we did. The crab meat placed delicately on top was tender and delicious – definitely a piggy treat. To finish, as I hinted before, we shared the brioche French Toast. This ‘dessert’ plate consisted of blueberries spiked with rye, candied bacon atop the toast, all on a base of sweet maple squash puree. What a fabulous way to end the meal.

Most of the brunch items at Forage are priced around the $14 mark – such a fair price for high quality ingredients and beautiful presentation. And only $4.00 for “fresh from the oven” incredible scones?! I’d go back (and I will!) just for those alone!

So whether you're walking in from the West End, you’ve crossed the bridge from Kits, or made the trip from the North Shore, I think you'll feel right at home at restaurant Forage. And I’m positive that once you’ve licked your plate clean (we too can do our part with zero-waste!), you’ll understand and appreciate the value that Chef Whittaker and his staff place on locally sourced products. My compliments, Forage… and Bon Appétit, my Piggies!

Photo credits to Rebecca Coleman: my gorgeous date, new foodie friend, Social Media Marketing Instructor (BCIT) and contributor at VancityBuzz.

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