In case you need one more piggy push, here is the 23rd reason (yes, I counted the number of items on the dinner menu!) why you simply must wine and dine at Forage restaurant: their good old-fashioned Meat Draw! Running weekly, Sunday through Wednesday nights, diners who are still in the restaurant when the cowbell rings at 8:30pm (you must have entered the draw) could win a delicious cut of varying meats. And the best part is, each winning package comes with an easy-to-follow recipe as well as a recommendation or two for side dishes. I mean, it's almost like Chef Chris Whitaker is coming home with you! Almost.

So as you might have guessed, I'm writing this Piggy Post to share with you MY winning experience. A week or so ago, after an incredibly tasty dinner at Forage, I was lucky enough to come away with a 2 pound prize of Pork Belly. And with an open schedule the following night, I sent out a few last minute invites and set to work planning my menu. The cooking instructions for the piggy protein seemed easy enough to follow, and I knew that I was going to marry it with something fresh and zesty. Thanks to a few day-of tips from Chef Whitaker, via Twitter, the final side dish was an Asian inspired slaw, served with fresh mango, and cold Yakisoba noodles. Paired together, the acidity of the slaw balanced perfectly with the fattiness of the meat - just like Chef said it would! My guests and I were so happy with the result - a little slice of Forage right at home - and we were certainly full to the brim. I've got to say, 2 pounds of Pork Belly is an extremely generous portion!

So with a smile on my face, a new level of confidence in the kitchen, and an extremely satisfied pallet, I send a big Fat Pig thank you out to all the members of the Forage team. And to all of you future diners out there, I wish you a great meal and the best of luck in the #foragemeatdraw!

Forage: Pork Belly Instructions:
2 pounds pork belly (skin on) *supplied from Gelderman Farm, Abbotsford, B.C
1/4 cup salt

Place pork belly in pot of boiling water and simmer for 15 minutes. Carefully remove and pat dry. Using a fork, prick the skin several times (not too deep, just through the skin). Generously season the underside with salt and really crust the skin side with remaining salt. Place in oven. Once it reaches an internal temperate of 125 degrees use a knife and scrape the skin down carefully as some oil may splatter. Place back in oven until internal temperature reaches 185 degrees. Remove and rest for 30 minutes.

For more information on Forage and their #foragemeatdraw visit:
http://www.foragerestaurant.com/ or call 604.661.1400

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