Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to North West Culinary Academy for dinner … and it was not just any dinner, this was the Grad Class’s Final Practical – a 6 Course Menu! With a percentage of their grade on the line, and some well-known Vancouver Chefs in the house to judge, the heat was on in the NWCAV kitchen!

Menus were planned, executed, and presented by the students and seating was arranged in groups of four. My table was happy to share, so I had the pleasure of sampling 24 different dishes in total. Talk about absolute Fat Piggy Heaven!

I think you’ll see from the photos that this dining experience was something very special. There was a high level of creativity in the menu planning, a great demonstration of knife cuts, and some near perfect cooking techniques. Not to mention some impressive plating skills.

A big thank you goes out to Chef Jonathan, Chef Curtis, and Chef Tony for this special invitation. It was wonderful to be back in the #nwcav kitchen! And an even bigger thank you, as well as congratulations, to all the graduating Chefs. Very well done - I can’t wait to see where you all go from here!

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canape trio

pecan soup

salmon twirl

Stuffed Quail

tart tatin


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