Located in the Law Society of BC building, Grounds for Appeal (bonus points for being punny!) is one of my favourite mid-week lunch o’clock destinations. This cafeteria style spot is where I go when I want to indulge in take-out, watch my wallet, and make my coworkers extremely jealous! I don’t mind how long their lunch line might be, if they are making Butter Chicken that tastes that yummy –and price it at $7.95- I will happily give up as much of my lunch break as I need to. It’s all about the piggy ROI! I order this dish devotedly: 4 slices of naan, a big helping of rice and deliciously seasoned butter chicken to pour on top. The portion is almost enough for two lunches but let’s be real… leftovers don’t exist in this lifetime, piggies! So find the time this week to trot on down to Grounds for Appeal at 845 Cambie Street. Maybe I’ll see you in line!

Butter Chicken

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