So it turns out that Santa didn't only know what I wanted in December - he also knew what I needed in January: James Nevison's Had a Glass 2014. This perfect stocking stuffer lists 100 "worth sipping" wines, all of which are priced at $20 or less. I swear, it's as if the Big Guy knew I was going into the new year a little budget conscious, but still a lot thirsty!

In addition to listing 100 affordable wines from around the world, Had a Glass 2014 also guides you through everyday wine enjoyment: how to taste, purchase, serve and pair. You'll learn how to break down a tasting into 4 simple steps, and you're even provided with 3 different wine flights for tasting practice. To put it simply, my fellow Piggies, Had a Glass 2014 instructs you to "pick a page, read the blurb, buy the wine and see what your think." Sounds easy enough to this thirsty novice.

So here's my plan for 2014: I'm going to taste my way through these "won’t break the bank" selections and report back with my thoughts: the reds, the whites, the pinks and even a few sparklings! Practice makes perfect… to quote Mr. Nevison!

Stay tuned, Piggies - the first Wine Wednesday is just around the corner!


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