A lunch break visit to Hubbub sandwiches might actually minimize your need for an afternoon coffee. I’m telling you, the energy in that room left me buzzing! Smiling customers filled the room and the hard-working staff were nothing but friendly. The guy behind the counter, Taylor I believe his name was (Hi!), took the time to enthusiastically explain the menu and he gave me a couple of appealing recommendations. Despite the fact that the line-up was beginning to snake outside the door, he remained calm, cool and collected. I settled my bill, stepped away from the counter and patiently waited amongst all of the other excited customers.

As you’ll read on the wall, Hubbub sandwiches start with a base of pickled jalapenos, creamy garlic sauce, romaine lettuce, cilantro and crunchy caramelized onions a top a toasty baguette. All you are required to do is to pick your protein and resist the urge to screw around with their base ingrediants. Take it as it comes, People!

I opted for the all natural chicken breast priced at $8.92. Steeped in citrus juices and coconut milk – a very good sized portion – this protein was nice and moist. I give the creamy garlic sauce and the cilantro an A+ for flavour, but I will say that there was room for improvement with the other items. My baguette could have been a little more toasted and I would have preferred my onions a little more caramelized. The combination of flavours didn’t totally come together for me but hey, that’s just one Piggy opinion. And it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t try a diffent sandwich on another occasion; I’m thinking Pork might be the way to go. How shocking, right?!

The quinao salad I chose as my “sidekick” was delicious. Classified as high in protein, this dish consisted of blackbeans, corn, red peppers, green onion and a dressing that really wowed me. Value priced at $2.99, I would not hesitate to order this item again. In fact, I will more than likely go back next week and just order the salad. The big portion! And for the record - because I know he’s out there somewhere reading this post – this big salad strategy is exactly what the friendly guy behind me in line told me to do from the start. You were right, man. I was wrong. There you have it!

So overall, would I encourage you to check out Hubbub Sandwiches? Yes. It’s a quick and painless lunch destination, especially for those who work in the heart of downtown. Try something that appeals to your palate, both a sandwich and a side, and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear about your experience.

Happy Lunching, Piggies!

859 Hornby Street, Downtown Vancouver

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