It may still be a little crisp out there, but I really can feel it … the spring and summer sunshine is on its way. The cherry blossoms are blooming, cyclists are peeling off the layers, and eager residents are pulling out the deck furniture. The energy in my beautiful Kitsilano neighbourhood is a changin’!

With all that good mojo in the air, this Piggy woke up last Sunday feeling inspired to make a healthy choice. I decided to skip the usual coffee and scone pit-stop and walked straight down to Krokodile Pear instead – a cold pressed organic juice bar located on West 1st at Cypress (Kitsilano). This very small space – clean, minimalist, and with a small outdoor patio – displays and stores their wide variety of juices on tap, allowing for fast service and fresh, customizable juices and smoothies.

As the staff will suggest, you can add or subtract anything from their drink menu. I went with their most popular smoothie, the Capilano ($8.50): cucumber, celery, beet, apple, pineapple, lime, blended with avocado and banana. Seriously delicious!

And to help ward off a Spring cold, I chose to up the ante and treat myself to their $6 tasting platter of “shots”. Presented nicely, the most noticeable of the four was the Kicking Horse: lime, ginger, cayenne. My throat is still burning from this one, actually! The lemon flavoured shot was certainly sour and the two go-go green blends were… well, let’s call them interesting. Not a criticism, though, as I don’t think they were designed to be tasty, just “down the hatch” healthy!

Anyways, here’s my suggestion, Piggies: if you believe in this whole “you are what you eat” philosophy, take a break from being that delicious grilled cheese sandwich or trendy Japadog and try a fresh juice or smoothie on for size. Yes, it might be $8.50 for a concoction you’ll slurp down in minutes, but you’ll come away feeling purely satisfied and re-energized. And if you’re feeling really inspired, look into their 3 different juice cleanse options. At varying prices and durations, this is a delicious way to get yourself swimsuit ready!

See you down at Krokodile Pear, Piggies … Happy sipping!

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