Some things in life never change. Fortunately, for this North Vancouver born and raised Piggy, the sandwiches from La Galleria Fine Foods fall into this category.

Located in the heart of Edgemont Village, this unassuming spot is the most popular lunch destination in town. It's a small space, usually filled to the brim, and on a sunny day their cute little outdoor patio is packed too. Regardless, customers are always more than happy to stand nose to nose with each other, often for 20 minutes or more, while they wait for their order. Why so happy and patient, you ask? Because it means that sandwiches haven't sold out yet! The harsh reality of "no more sandwiches today" is something that all of us La Galleria fans have faced at least once.

For more than 15 years I have been ordering their Roasted Chicken sandwich (I can still remember eating a celebratory sandwich on the last day of grade seven!) Not one ingredient has changed and the quality has never wavered. Every so often I branch out and try a different offering but I always end up coming back to the chicken. Made right in front of you, this sandwich consists of pesto mayo, tomatoes, lettuce and roasted chicken breast. Served on top of fresh warm bread, this is literally my favourite sandwich in the whole wide world!

In addition to this must-have item, there are other deli staples to try: salads, sliced meats, and pre-made soups and lasagnas. If you're there early enough in the day you can also pick up a baguette to take home, the same fresh French bread they use for the sandwiches. Packaged items like pasta and risotto and a nice selection of oils and vinegars are also available. You'll have lots of time to peruse their shelves while you wait, I promise!

If you haven't already been to La Galleria Fine Foods, I hope my review has convinced you to try it. Open Tuesdays through Saturdays, I suggest you pick a day to visit and stroll the Edgemont Village streets after your lunch - the whole experience is delightful. But don’t forget, this award winning deli often sells out of their sandwiches so you don't want to leave it too late in the day.

Happy munching, Piggies. Until next time ...

La Galleria Fine Foods
3055 Highland Boulevard, North Vancouver





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