Naramata Bench 2014

This little Piggy is excited; the sun is out, the car is full of gas and Charles and I are headed for Naramata! Just a little north of Penticton, situated in the Okanagan Valley, this picturesque wine country is one of my all-time favourite places to spend a summer loooong weekend.

So far we have plans to visit the Penticton Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, attend a friend’s wedding that same evening, stop by the Picker Shack Orchard and visit our good friends at Township 7 Vineyards & Winery, Okanagan Crush Pad Winery as well as Serendipity Winery. We’ve left the rest of the time open to ensure that we pop in and visit as many other wineries as possible: Blasted Church Vineyards and Laughing Stock Vineyards being two of the spots I would love to revisit.

I’ve only toured the Naramata Bench once before so there are quite a few vineyards that will be new to me. And because my Piggy priorities travel with me everywhere, I’m excited to check out those wineries that have full picnic licenses: Elephant Island Orchard Wines, D’Angelo Estate Winery, and Poplar Grove Winery. Did I miss any spots?!

As for lunches and dinners, we are open to suggestions. I’ve heard that Lake Breeze serves a lovely lunch on their oasis-like patio and that dinner service is available at both Red Rooster Winery and Hillside Winery & Bistro. And to top it all off, before we hit the road for home, we're planning to visit Local Lounge & Grille in Summerland. Any place that supports #WeHeartLocal sounds delicious to me!

The weekend is going to be a fabulous one, I just know it. We’ll be celebrating my enrollment in the WSET Level 1 at Fine Vintage Ltd. (because this Piggy loves to learn as much as she loves to eat!), and I couldn’t think of a better place in the world to do it. Feel free to follow along on my adventures with weekend via Facebook and Instagram and of course please send as many tips and suggestions as you can via Twitter.

Happy Weekend, Piggies. Talk soon!

farmers market

The Penticton Farmers Market
“Direct from the Farm every Saturday” there is a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, home-made baked goods and more. As you can see from the picture (taken from their website) these streets are full of happy and hungry faces!

OK crush pad

Okanagan Crush Pad
We’ll take a Summerland detour to visit our friends at the OK Crush Pad. Home to one of my favourite sparklings, I’ve loved Haywire’s The Bub since my very first taste!


Township7 Vineyards & Winery
Bradley Cooper is an award-winning Winemaker, a social media enthusiast, and one heck of a good friend. Charles and I will be spending a lot of time with him this trip – see you soon, Brad!
*photo taken from website

Serendipity Wines

Serendipity Winery
I feel so fortunate to know these two hard-working Serendipity girls: Katie O’Kell and Judy Kingston. Plus, a taste or two of their popular wines makes the whole trip extra special. White Lie and Devil’s Advocate here I come!

Luaghing Stock

Laughing Stock Vineyards
I love David and Cynthia Enns’ story and I love the wines (and of course the names of the wines) that Laughing Stock is producing. The Blind Trust White (2013) has always been one of my favourites: fruity, acidic and a rich mouth feel.
*photo taken from website

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