Q&A with Rebecca Coleman

May I have your attention, Piggies:

In honour of my good friend, Rebecca Coleman's birthday (it's today!) I asked her to answer one of my Piggy Q&A's. Always a sport, Rebecca said yes, and not surprisingly, the answers are fantastic!

For those of you who don't know her, Rebecca is a Social Media instructor at BCIT, a PR extraordinaire, a committed blogger, a contributing writer at Vancity Buzz and one of the best Moms I know.

What better way to celebrate her, than by getting to know her a little bit better. I hope she makes you laugh, reflect, and feel inspired - I certainly know she does all that for me.

Enjoy, Piggies…and Happy Birthday, Miss Rebecca! xo

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Emily: It’s no secret that you are a committed, talented and successful blogger, Rebecca – Cooking by Laptop is just fabulous! Do you have any tips for the people out there that might be thinking of starting a blog of their own?

Rebecca: Blogging is not easy. It’s a big commitment. You need to be really passionate about your subject matter, and write for yourself and maybe one other person who’s reading it, because you will get discouraged and want to give up. Being a food blogger is a huge amount of work. From research, to shopping, to prep, to photography, to writing, the process of crafting a blog post can take between 1-4 hours. But I love it, and even though I often feel discouraged and like giving up, I keep on doing it.

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Emily: Where do you think you get your passion for food and drink? Any childhood memories that you could share?

Rebecca: I grew up in a very culinarily (is that a word?) boring house. My mom did most of the cooking in our house, and she was an amazing baker–cookies, pies, bars, and the like. But other than that the food we ate was very simple, plain, meat-and-potatoes. We didn’t even have pepper in our house. We had two salt shakers.

I was living in a tiny town in the south-east of Newfoundland, called Corner Brook in my early 20’s, after graduating from university. Through our circle of friends, I was introduced to a food journalist, Don Genova, who was living in Corner Brook. I remember him making curried chicken. I’d never had curry before. He also introduced me to sushi, and I had my first Oyster with him at a dinner with Graham Kerr. We are still friends to this day, and I credit him for being the person who introduced me to the foodie world.

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Emily: Any favourite Cooking by Laptop posts that come to mind? New recipes, culinary products, Foodie events?

Rebecca: Some of my fave posts have been the ones I was afraid to publish. The ones that had a personal element. Like writing about getting nominated for an award, and what that brought up for me. Like writing to my son on his birthday. I also really love doing recipes that cater to restrictive diets–I love the challenge!

Emily: On top of all the Social Media, PR, and blogging work that you do, you also find time to be one of the best Mom’s I know! Does your son Michael enjoy the culinary world as much as you? Does he have any favourite restaurant spots in the city? Or perhaps a favourite dish that you make him at home?

Rebecca: I am lucky. I really do have the greatest kid in the world. Michael started out being a very picky eater. He has a sensory processing disorder that makes his tastebuds “super.” So, he can’t have anything that has the tiniest bit of heat in it. He loves being a blogger’s kid, and he says so all the time. We get so many opportunities to eat at cool restaurants, and to travel. He’s very good about trying pretty much everything I make. His favourite food is pizza (duh–he’s 11), and our favourite pizza joint is Pizzeria Prima Strada in Victoria. He loves my creme brulee. And these Death by Oreo Cupcakes…


Emily: I know you recently spent a little time touring around this beautiful province of ours! Are there any culinary highlights to share? Any new restaurant recommendations?!

Rebecca: Yeah! I just got back from a few trips. Michael and I went to Seattle and Whistler, and I went solo to the Okanagan. Obviously, the kind of food I eat on a trip with my son is different than when I’m solo or with other grownups. In Kelowna, Raudz makes some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. I’ve never had a bad meal at Local Lounge in Summerland, and the former chef there just opened up a casual cafe in Penticton called Brodo Kitchen. It’s all super fresh, soup/salad/sandwiches. They had this life-changing ice cream sandwich made with two chocolate cookies and maple bacon ice cream. I just can’t stop talking about it! Miradoro at Tinhorn Creek in Oliver is also one of my all-time favourite places to eat. The wine, the view, and the food–it’s a home run.

In terms of new restaurant recommendations, Left Bank, which just opened up in my ‘hood, serves the most beautiful, simple French food. I’ve been there twice already. Try the pomme frites.

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Emily: Complete this sentence: bacon belongs ________

Rebecca: … in every meal! I have been a pescatarian for most of my adult life. I have always said “I could be a vegetarian if it wasn’t for bacon.” My son is crazy for bacon. I even bought him a t-shirt.

Emily: Coffee or Tea? And what are your favourite spots in the city?

Rebecca: Coffee. I am an addict, and have been since university. I like to support the little guys if possible–Greenhorn Espresso in my ‘hood, Milano, 49th Parallel. But Continental on the Drive will always have a special place in my heart.

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Emily: What/Where is your ultimate Culinary Dream Vacation?

Rebecca: Paris. The south of France. Or Italy. Or all of them??

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Emily: If you could trade places, for a day, with someone in the Vancouver culinary scene, who would it be and why?

Rebecca: Jackie Ellis at Beaucoup. To be able to have the power to give people that much joy…

Emily: As you know, my website www.thefatpigs.com, is all about promoting a guilt-free attitude when it comes to food and drink. Would you say that you also live by this philosophy? Any favourite items that you love to pig out on?!

Rebecca: I absolutely believe in everything in moderation. I eat pretty healthy–I have smoothies every day, and I juice, and we eat salad. But I also love junk food–hint of lime tortilla chips and crunchy Cheetos are my junk food of choice. I also adore a beautiful, dark chocolate. I always have some in my house. And good wine and cheese–a big ol’ shiraz with a stinky blue? Heaven.

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