Why does Rain or Shine Ice Cream get my vote, you ask? Because no matter the weather, time of year, or time of day for that matter, this special scoop shop is happy to remind you that treating yourself is always a good idea. Now doesn’t that just sound like the perfect Piggy attitude?!

Open for business as of the end of 2013, this almost year-old Kitsilano spot is making some seriously delicious ice cream and serving it up in a variety of creative ways. The result? A constant line up out the door! And although this popular destination may already be on your list of must-try places I’ve got 5 good reasons why you should be heading their way ASAP. Besides, a little behind the scenes information always makes the treats a little sweeter, don’t you think?!

So here you go, Piggies – enjoy the read. And enjoy your inevitable visit to Rain or Shine Ice Cream!


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The friendly and hard-working staff at Rain or Shine Ice Cream will ensure that your sweet tooth is fully satisfied. Upon your arrival, let them walk you through the menu and offer you a sample of whichever options you are considering.

Wondering if this friendly energy comes from the top? You better believe it does! In addition to meeting all of the behind-the-counter staff, I was fortunate enough to also spend some quality time with the owners, Josie Fenton and her husband, Blair Casey. I was so impressed with their friendly demeanor and their entrepreneurial spirit. This hard-working couple is passionate about their product, supportive of their community and just simply nice people. Besides, who doesn’t just love a couple who believes that there is always room for dessert?!

Ice Cream


Holy Cow was this homemade ice cream delicious! And what a creative selection of flavours and toppings. Think Blueberry Balsamic, Brown Butter Peach and Blood Orange Olive Oil. And that’s all just for this season! Returning Piggies can expect to see the “Seasonal Fling” portion of their menu change throughout the year – it’s all about what’s in season and what everyone’s palates are craving. Personally, I can’t wait to see what they come up with for Fall. Rumor has it Josie and Blair will be working with a variety of yummy, comforting spices.

If you can’t zero in on a flavour, Rain or Shine has got you covered! Order up a tasting flight and sample up to 4 different flavors, just like I did:Blueberry Balsamic, Cracked Mint, Peanut Butter and Apricot Blackberry. Milkshakes are an option too, Piggies. Oh my, sweet, delicious Milkshakes!

Enthusiasts should note that Rain or Shine’s Ice Cream is in the Philadelphia style, meaning no eggs are used whatsoever. This delicious frozen treat is made from scratch, right in house, and they use fresh, natural, sustainable whole ingredients. Toppings, or “Offerings” as they call them, are also made from scratch, and they source local and organic products whenever possible.


I love the Kitsilano area – walking, shopping, dining, or all of the above. So in my Piggy opinion, the addition of Rain or Shine Ice Cream has made this trendy neighborhood just that little bit sweeter. There are lots of restaurants for your dining pleasure but this Scoop Shop is definitely the smart choice for dessert. Or after brunch. Or after lunch. Or as an afternoon snack. Or, or, or … !


Rain or Shine Ice Cream is proud to work with a variety of local suppliers and let me tell you, it’s quite the delicious list. Depending on the season, this team is arranging deliveries at the local farmer’s market or placing orders with establishments such as Vancouver Olive Oil, JJ Bean and Brassneck Brewery. Not only do partnerships like this promote a strong sense of community but it also results in some seriously delicious ice cream concoctions.

Taco Tuesday

The Taco Tuesday promotion:
Why have a waffle cone when you could have a waffle shell? Am I right?! Every Tuesday, Rain or Shine is serving up an Ice Cream Taco – it’s “Taco Tuesday” like you’ve never seen before. A fun idea, yes – but don’t underestimate the deliciousness of this treat. These made-from-scratch shells will have you counting down the days to next week, guaranteed!



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