#ROCKYRIDGEBAR – Robson Street

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

1017 Robson Street, Vancouver

For further information visit: http://www.rockychoc.com/

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This past Friday, I traded in my usual Happy Hour plans for something a little sweeter: a visit to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The Piggy purpose, you ask? To celebrate the release of the new Rocky Ridge Ice Cream Bars. Oink Oink!

It was a hot and sunny afternoon the day I arrived, and the store was buzzing with locals and tourists alike – everyone clamoring for this new refreshing Ice Cream sensation. I’m telling you: this store might just be carrying the ultimate Piggy treat of the summer!


Rocky Ridge Flavours

The Robson Street location – right in the heart of downtown Vancouver – is currently the only store selling these decadent bars. The National rollout is in the works, but for the time being this is the only place to find ’em!

There are 8 different bar flavours – “routes as they call them” – to choose from and during my visit, the friendly and knowledgeable store manager (hi, Kelly!) was more than happy to help me make my final decision. In the end I went with the following three bars: Mint Avalanche Ridge, Toffee Slab Ridge and Pay Dirt Ridge. All three were exceptionally tasty, but if I was forced to choose a favourite, I would go with the Mint Avalanche Ridge

All 3 Bars

Tower 2

These Rocky Ridge Ice Cream bars are hand dipped, made right here in Canada and are the only bars rimmed all around in treats. It’s a classic Ice Cream bar taken to a whole new level and priced at $5.99 per bar, I think it’s well worth the experience. And before the summer is out, you better believe that I’ll be back to try some of the other 5 flavours: Candy Coated and Almond Summit Ridge are calling my name!

I hope you enjoy this “new bar on the block” just as much as I did, Piggies. Be sure to let me know your favourite routes!




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