The trendy chalkboard walls display the ever-changing menu and a sketched welcome pig greets you at the entrance. Factor in the collection of porcelain piggy banks at the bar and you can guess how I feel about their décor! I’m not usually a fan of stools for seating but with a glass of bubbly in hand, this little piggy managed to settle in just right.

Our server was aces. He impressively described the long list of rotating menu items (10 cheeses, 10 meats and 10 condiments) and made great pairing suggestions. When it came time to declare our choices (3 from the meats and cheeses, and 3 condiments) he was wonderfully patient – these were seriously hard decisions, people!

At a tasting, I half expect not to like some of my selections. It’s par for course! The experience is about trying new things and trotting a little outside of your comfort zone. My date and I sampled a variety of meats, cheeses and condiments and our side item was their delicious on-special kale Caesar salad. What I liked I loved, and what I didn’t like I was still glad to have tasted.

A mouth-watering selection of sparkling, white, pink, red and sweet – create your own flights or have your server put something together for you. Personally, out of the 6 wines we tasted, my favourite was the AMALAYA Torrontes-Riesling as I thought it paired perfectly with everything on our plates.

$16 gets you one selection of meats, cheeses and condiments and approximately another $15 gets you your 3 wine tasting flight. The portions aren’t piggishly large but the quality of ingredients makes up for it. No matter what selections your make, SALT Tasting Room serves valued items: local, fresh and attractively plated.


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