STADIUM SNACKS – The Vancouver Giants

Hockey, hockey, hockey!

As a big time hockey fan (what Vancouverite isn't?!), my latest SocialShopper experience was easily one of my favourites: 2 Red Zone tickets to a home game and 2 Vancouver Giants hats to wear throughout the night. And to take home of course!

Priced at $34.00, a 53% savings, this deal was as cool as ice!

Now as much as I love the game – I’m always rooting for these boys to win the coveted Memorial cup – I'm equally as big a fan of all those classic stadium snacks. What a surprise, right? So I took this latest outing as an opportunity to ‘research’ all of the delicious items currently available at the Pacific Coliseum and my conclusion arrived in the form of multiple oinks. I’m telling you, this sporty space is perfect for a Piggy feast.

Here are some of my foodie highlights from the evening: burgers, and beers, and hotdogs, Oh My!


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Ok. Here’s the move, Piggies. Find the White Spot sign that points you down the stairs and head in that direction immediately. There was literally no one in line when I arrived. When you order your favourite burger combo be sure to ask for extra Triple O sauce. As far as I’m concerned, it really doesn’t get much better than this sauce. And might you also want a side of it for your fries? I think you know the answer to that question.


Three of Parallel 49’s founders grew up together in East Vancouver less than ten minutes from where the brewery now stands. Home brewers for years and craft beer enthusiasts these local boys (I’m going to assume they’re hockey fans!) have turned their shared passion into a full time gig. Conveniently sample their unique brand at the stadium; it’s the perfect game night beverage.


The Pacific Coliseum has all of the classis hockey snacks that you are looking for: hotdogs, onion-rings, nachos, pretzels and much more. Pick your favourite or share the lot. Fruits and veggies can be on tomorrow’s menu!

Popcorn Picture

Whether you chose to start or end your feast with Popcorn, this buttery bag of goodness is an absolute hockey fan must. Share the bag with your date? What right-minded Piggy would do such a thing?!

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