STATESIDE CRAFT – Commercial Drive

For all of the exciting and juicy goings on at Stateside Craft, be sure to visit their Facebook page ( And keep an eye on their Twitter account too (@statesidecraft). I’m telling you, there are some unique events and Happy Hour specials that you do not want to miss.



I’ll just come right out and say it: a few nights ago Stateside Craft served me up one heck of a threesome.

Bourbon, Beer and Brussels sprouts.

Located at 1602 Commercial Drive – tucked away on the corner of Gravely Street – this establishment, opened July 2014, is run by the Portland Craft folks, which should tell you that they take their beer seriously. And I’m talking “40 American Craft Beers on Tap” seriously.

Whether you sit at the bar, wrangle up a fearsome Skee-ball competitor, or gather 39 of your closest friends and try every Craft beer on the menu I think it’s safe to say that you are going to enjoy your Stateside Craft experience. It is a welcoming and friendly locale with quirky décor, but you wouldn’t expect anything else from a spot on the Drive.

brussels Sprouts

Bourbon, Beer and Brussels sprouts might not be your threesome of choice (did I mention the Brussels sprouts come with a side of Pork Belly?), but that doesn’t mean that Stateside Craft won’t get your motor running too.

Tell me that one of these options doesn’t grab your attention:

  • All-You-Can-Eat Bacon and a Beer for $15 on Mondays
  • Wing Wednesday (my Hump-Day favourite)
  • Happy Hour High-Balls
  • Sunday Caesar Specials
  • Skee-ball League Nights

And last but not least, I am thrilled to tell you that on Thursday Nights, The Raincity Quintet plays live jazz from 7 to 10pm. Plan to hear old standards sung marvellously, playful renditions of the classics, and some seriously impressive original numbers. Lead singer Colin Bussiere, Stateside Craft’s Bartender and new friend of mine, is talented, hospitable and full of Stateside pride. Be sure to say hello to him and the other musicians as they’ll make sure that your experience goes down smoothly!

See you there, Piggies…




  1. Graham
    October 27, 2014

    40 Beers on Tap? I want to go there just to see what their bar looks like! That’s hilarious that they have Skee-ball. Does it spit out tickets if you get a high score that you can redeem for Stateside Craft SWAG? Oh man, the Brussels sprouts with a side of Pork Belly look amazing. We’ll definitely have to check this one out on a live jazz Thursday night. Another great review!

    • emily
      November 23, 2014

      Thanks, G! I’m pumped that you’re going to check out one of their Thursday night sessions – the band is great! And I can’t say for sure about the Skee-ball tickets but I too hope there are prizes. Some silly erasers, a jaw-breaker, or maybe one of those sticky-hands that you can fling against the wall. ‘Member those? 😉


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