Stocking Stuffers at Well Seasoned

My stocking stuffer wish list might have matured over the years but my childlike anticipation for opening said stocking has never wavered. Truthfully, this exciting portion of the Christmas Day festivities has always been my favourite part. And I have Santa’s all-knowing abilities and the crafty workings of my Dad to thank for that. Boy did those two know how to put a Christmas stocking together!

Holding such a special place in my heart, I tend to take the stocking stuffer shopping process very seriously. And this year will be no exception. In fact, with my best foodie friend, Rebecca Coleman by my side, I recently spent an evening researching culinary gift ideas at Well Seasoned – a gourmet food store located in Langley. Angie Quaale, the owner of this fabulous establishment, gave us a special after hours tour of the space, showed us some of her new-arrivals and creative Christmas gift ideas and let us sample some seriously tasty treats. It was a delightful and educational visit – as anyone who has met Angie would attest to – and as a result my wish list is signed, sealed and on its way to Mr. C.

So whether you are preparing to assemble a stocking for the special foodie in your life, or just happy to compare wishlists with me, I recommend you take a peek at the items I’ve displayed in this post. All are available for purchase at Well Seasoned and all are bound to make your loved ones smile. And with any luck, they might share a little of the deliciousness with you in return.

The Christmas shopping season is upon us, Piggies. Bundle up and get out there!

WellSeasoned Logo

Angie Quaale

For more information on Well Seasoned – a Gourmet Food store, visit: And definitely follow the conversation on Facebook or Twitter. Also, be sure to say hello to Angie as you browse around the store. This incredibly hard-working and talented lady is easily one of my favourite foodie friends. And I doubt her resume could be any more inspiring!

Thanks again for taking the time to host us, Angie. Happy Holidays!


‘Tis the season to add a little nutmeg. And I’m talking fresh, cozy, heart-warming nutmeg. Sized perfectly for your foodie friends stocking this little grinder will remind you why it’s always worth it to opt for fresh.


The Pink Spatula has come up with something special here, Folks: Macamallows.™ Shaped like macarons but made with fresh marshmallows, this Vanilla Bean flavoured sweet treat is a must-purchase in my Piggy opinion. And with a seasonal Peppermint flavor now available, this goodie is just begging to be put in a holiday sock.

Hot & Cold

This holiday season you can choose to spice things up or cool things down. Chocolate wedges infused with Tabasco spice are great for that friend that can’t live without their hot sauce fix and these fun little ice tongs are perfect for the Cousin Eddie in your family! Bring on the Egg Nog punch and moose mug, am I right?!

Pop rocks & Bacon salt

Pop Rocks as a rim for your next cocktail? Why the heck not? Especially when you have fun flavor options like watermelon and cotton candy. And we both know that I was an easy sell on the Bacon Rim Shot gift idea. This all natural Spiced Rim Salt is exactly what my Caesars have been missing!

Sauce, Umami and Honey

I’d be thrilled to get any of these items in my Christmas stocking: Denzel’s flavoured BBQ sauces, Umami Paste and Gourmet Honey from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Be sure to take a minute to read the story behind Tu-Bees Foods Inc. – this family owned business has one heck of a start-up story!

Nuts & Bitters

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to crack in to that tin of Dill Pickle flavoured Peanuts. And any of these flavoured bitters would definitely be a welcome addition to my home bar. Any clever ideas on what to do with the celery or cardamom flavors, Piggies?

Wasabi Mayo

This ‘staff favourite’ sounds like another fun way to spice up your stocking stuffer season. And it comes with an open invitation to ask a chef for tips on what to make! How can you go wrong with that?!




  1. Rebecca Coleman
    December 3, 2014

    Here’s mine:

    (we didn’t plan this, it just happened that we published on the same day) 😉

    • emily
      December 3, 2014

      Love it! Great post, Rebecca … Let the Shopping Season begin!

  2. Tina
    December 10, 2014

    Thanks for including our Macamallows on your list! Well Seasoned is a treasure trove of awesome food!


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