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Check your schedules, alert your friends, and tell your sweet tooth to prepare itself! Sweet Bake Shop is now open: “Dainty and delicious desserts for the sweetest of occasions.”

1141 Mainland Street, (Yaletown), Vancouver, B.C 604-424-8800

Website: www.sweetbakeshop.com

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Oink Oink!

Thanks to the gorgeous Miss Tessa Sam – Baker, Proprietor and lover of everything polka dots and lace – Vancouver’s Yaletown just got a whole lot sweeter!

After much planning, hard-work, and delicious anticipation, Sweet Bake Shop is officially open for business. I’ve been watching the Facebook posts and Instagram pictures for months now and I’m telling you, I couldn’t be more excited to see this beautiful lady-like space and try out some (if not all!) of the desserts.

In honor of Tessa’s Grand Opening I thought it would be fun to ask her to fill out my Fat Pig Questionnaire: 10 light-hearted questions all intended to let customers, fans and neighbours all get to know her a little bit better. Tessa was a great sport and provided fantastic answers – I think you’ll all really enjoy the read. And I think you’ll all be even more excited to visit Sweet Bake Shop by the time you’re done.

Enjoy Piggies – see you down there!

EMILY: What can customers expect from Sweet Bake Shop? What will set your shop apart from the rest?

TESSA: My customers can expect innovative and pretty desserts made with the highest quality ingredients available. What will set us apart is our attention to detail, our unique flavours and our commitment to wonderful customer service. And of course, our overly-girly, pink shop!

EMILY: What is the first recipe that you think you mastered? Has this become your signature sweet treat?

TESSA: The first recipe I ever mastered was a gingerbread cookie. When I was 6! I use a variation of that same recipe today for my gingerbread men during the holidays, because it’s so good!


EMILY: If you were an alcoholic beverage, which would your friends say that you are: a pint of beer, a glass of wine, a flute of champagne, a classic martini, or the kind of cocktail that comes with an umbrella in it? And why?

TESSA: I’d be a glass of super-chilled champagne. It’s my go-to drink, always!

EMILY: What baked good in your repertoire would you say is better than sex?!

TESSA: Better than sex? Oh boy – haha! My favourite recipes change constantly. Currently, it’s our Vanilla Buttermilk Cupcakes, as well as our Double Chocolate Cookies.

Pink Cake

Tea Cup

EMILY: If you could trade places, for a day, with someone within the Vancouver food scene, who would it be and why?

TESSA: I’d love to trade places with chef, author and businesswoman Caren McSherry. I find her busy schedule of traveling to source products, coupled with her love of food incredibly inspiring.

EMILY: What is the last restaurant that you dined at? What was the highlight for you?

TESSA: The last restaurant I dined at was one of my favourites: GoodWolfe. I’m obsessed with their Caesar salad and Cornish Hen – both amazing dishes! Also, their desserts are always unique, well-plated and super delicious!


EMILY: What is the craziest/most unique customer baking request that you have ever had?

TESSA: The craziest request we’ve had was a massive number of decorated sugar cookies – 1200 to be exact – with 3 days notice. I honestly didn’t think we could pull it off, given our busy schedule, but with a few late, late nights in the kitchen (and countless cups of coffee) we did it!

EMILY: What/Where is your ultimate culinary dream vacation?

TESSA: I have serious love for carbs, so I’d love to go back to Italy. Homemade pasta and a glass of wine is like heaven for me!

EMILY: My site, The Fat Pigs, is all about a guilt-free attitude (when it comes to food and drink). Would you say that you also live by this philosophy? And when it comes to spoiling your inner piggy, what’s your favourite food to pig out on?!

TESSA: I definitely believe that you should indulge in something you’re craving, absolutely! Of course, everything in moderation – no one wants to feel sick because they ate too many brownies, right? My favourite things to pig out on are french-fries and ketchup chips. I think because I’m constantly eating sweet things that I crave salty, fried things when I need a junk-food fix.


tessa profile

EMILY: You left your broadcasting job to pursue another career. What words of encouragement would you have for those out there who are considering a career/lifestyle change of their own?

TESSA: My advice to anyone thinking about leaving their job to pursue what they love is to just do it! Find a mentor if you can, ask questions, set goals and be prepared to work your butt off, because it won’t be easy – but it’s definitely worth it!


Stop in for a sweet treat:

1141 Mainland Street, (Yaletown), Vancouver, B.C 604-424-8800

Website: www.sweetbakeshop.com


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