At the seasonal Circle Craft Fair, one booth in particular is worth the price of admission: Sweet Truth Canadian Gourmet Candy Co. is a small, family owned company and in my book, it is making the best toffee around. Using all natural, high quality ingredients, each piece of toffee is made by hand. There are no additives or preservatives used and the butter is locally sourced from a Manitoba creamery. Gluten free to boot? Now that’s the oinking truth! There definitely are a delicious variety of flavours to choose from - something for all piggy palates - but my personal favourites are the Sweet Lemon Butter and the Original Almond Butter Toffee. By keeping my tins in the fridge (it’s what Sweet Truth recommends) I always find my nibbling sessions are crisp, crunchy and refreshing. You certainly can bring the toffee to room temperature before serving but I prefer mine chilled. This toffee is flavourful yet subtly sweet and each bite seems to pleasantly dissolve in your mouth rather than getting stuck in your teeth. I repeat, this toffee does not get stuck in your teeth! Bonus oinks for that. So as a lover of most Christmas activities, I hope to attend Circle Craft for years to come – seeking out my favourite Sweet Truth booth. I will continue to sample as many flavours as the friendly staff will allow me but you better believe I will now also be ordering online toffee gifts for my friends and family throughout the year. I mean who doesn’t like the sound of Christmas toffee in July?! Happy snacking, Piggies!

To taste this special sweet treat, visit: www.sweettruthcandy.com


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