TEMPER PASTRY – West Vancouver

Sunday mornings don’t get much sweeter than a tour of Temper Chocolate & Pastry – led by owner and Chef Steven Hodge himself! I received a behind the scenes look at their efficiently operating, albeit close-quarters, production space, discussed the details of designing and building such a beautiful front-of-house (already award-winning, in fact!), and indulged in a piggy amount of fresh-from-the-oven tastings.

Located in the heart of Dunderave, West Vancouver, Temper has claimed the hot spot title ever since it opened its doors approximately 6 months ago. The key to their overnight success? There is a little something for everyone: chocolates and pastries that will knock your socks off, freshly brewed Stumptown Coffee, and a license to serve both beer and wine. Additionally, Steven has joined forces with his next door neighbour, Sebastian & Co Fine Organic Meats, to serve up a variety of delicious sandwiches - perfect for those occasions when you desire something more than just sweets!

Throughout the course of my visit, I sampled a variety of tasty items, sometimes going back for thirds (seconds are a given at Temper!). I can honestly say that everything I tried was delicious, and so obviously made with the highest quality of ingredients: the salty ball truffles, the signature Temper bars, the Charlie bite, the individual cakes and the hearty salami sandwich which was big enough for two. But my favourite item of all was the Laminated Brioche: shaped like a muffin, textures and flavours reminiscent of a croissant and the perfect amount of sugar coating the top like a crust. Presented so delicately too; Chef Hodge has created a masterpiece with this one.

So it will come as no surprise to you that I highly recommend a visit to Temper Chocolate & Pastry. You can support local boy Steven, one of the hardest working guys I have been lucky enough to get to know, and spoil your taste buds all at the same time. Take home a delicious gift for a Piggy friend or eat it in the car on the way home (I won’t tell!). Either way, plan your visit – it’s a worthwhile venture. And keep in mind that Temper has just announced that on Friday and Saturday nights (from 5pm to 9pm) they will be featuring fine wine, craft beer, charcuterie, cheeses and a selection of locally-made artisan bread. It’s the perfect evening spread for a Piggy and whether you dine inside amidst the sleek décor or indulge in a session of West Van 'see and be seen' outside on the patio, your taste buds are in for “the very best” treat!

Temper Pastry
2409 Marine Drive, West Vancouver

Me and Hodge

Chef Steven Hodge
Hard-working, friendly, determined, and wildly talented, I think Steven Hodge is aces. And I definitely can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

Temper Croissant

Temper Croissant
No matter what flavour you choose, Temper croissants are guaranteed to impress. I went the classic route, served right out of the oven. Best decision I made all day.

charlie bite

The Charlie Bite
Named after his daughter, the Charlie Bite is playful and delicious. It has all the satisfying flavours of a cinnamon bun but comes in a form that is just way more fun to eat!

temper choco

Temper Chocolates and Individual Cakes
​Temper sources the very best ingredients and in turn is creating the very best chocolate treats. There is a wide range of goodies to choose from so fill your boots, Piggies!

termper sandy

Temper Sandwich
​Whatever type of sandwich you choose, you’re in for a real treat. The quality of ingredients are top notch and the portion is definitely Piggy sized. Splitting the sandwich might be the best move here – room for dessert is crucial.

Temper Patio

The Temper Patio
​There are plenty of seats on this beautiful patio so go soak up the West Vancouver sunshine while you can. And save me a seat of course!

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