I couldn’t think of a more festive lunch hour if I tried! Strolling around this authentic German Christmas Market (on a dry day of course!) was just a little piece of holiday pig heaven: 45 traditional wooden booths selling a delicious mix of food, beverages (oink twice for mulled wine!), and a nice assortment of Christmas gifts.

This piggy ate and ate, and then ate some more! And I washed it all down with the famous German Christmas Drink, Feuerzangenbowle, as well as a mug of authentic hot spiced Glühwein.

Some of my piggy favourites were:

Das Schnitzelhaus! Using only premium meat from local sources, this classic schnitzel is great quality. It is returning due to popular demand and I can certainly see why. Who doesn’t like their cutlet breaded and fried?!

At the Flammkuchen-Kueche booth you can try a traditional dish from the far south west corner of Germany. Not to mention, you can watch it cook in the warm wood oven. The classic recipe includes Speck, crème fraîche, and onions. The vegetarian version is made with Gruyere cheese and caramelized onions.

Black Forest Meat & Sausages offers traditional Bratwurst. Seasoned with authentic German spices and served with freshly baked onions and/or Sauerkraut, this product is definitely Fat Pig Approved.

So my dear piggy readers, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, I highly recommend a pig out session at The Vancouver Christmas Market. Visit at lunch time like I did, and use their 2 for 1 Lunch Pass - my colleagues and I got in for $1.50 per person. At that price you can definitely afford to buy yourself one more piece of Stollen or one more mug of Glühwein!

Pretzel House

Emily Bratwurst

Onions & Gruyere Cheese

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