Did you make it out to The Wellness Show this past weekend? As promised, the show was one of the best health and lifestyle events that I have been to: entertaining, informative, and full of SO many delicious samples!
Moving forward, I’ll definitely be incorporating some new items into my meal planning. Piggies can be healthy too, you know!

My 6 Favourite (and delicious!) Exhibitors from The Wellness Show 2014:

CARIBOO ROOT BEER, Cariboo Brewing:
At 0.5%, this very low in alcohol root beer has a smooth and creamy taste. Made with their signature pure spring water, I think you’ll find this familiar beverage perfectly thirst quenching. Channel your healthy inner piggy and scrap the ice cream float, this Root Boo (love the name!) served over ice is a reward of its own!



SOLO Energy Bars are designed to avoid spikes and crashes in your day – to help with those in-between times when your body needs a burst of energy. Eating their bars between meals will help you focus and feel more balanced over a longer period of time. The best part, Piggies? They taste pretty darn delicious too!



Natera Hemp Seeds are a versatile superfood; nutritious, tasty, and now easier than ever to eat. Available in 25-gram Single Serving packages, with quite a few flavours to choose from, you can easily incorporate this ingredient into your meal planning, or simply eat them right out of the bag on-the-go! Hemp Seeds offer a wide range of health benefits including lower cholesterol, moderated blood sugar levels, relief from the symptoms of arthritis, PMS and menstrual cramps. So sprinkle Natera Hemp Seeds on your cereal, toss in a salad or a smoothie, or even mix it into a fruity dessert. Get creative, Piggies – there are lots of healthy options to choose from!



RISE Kombucha:
Enjoyed for its unique taste and health benefits, RISE is a delicious sweet-and-sour beverage: an ancient fermented tea known to enhance vital energy, detoxify and balance digestion. Raw, organic, gluten-free, fair trade and made with love in Quebec. Fantastique, don’t you think? My favourite flavor is MINT CHLOROPHYLL: a powerful digestive tonic (peppermint) and the greatest natural detoxifier (chlorophyll) are combined with the Kombucha culture, fair trade cane sugar, and filtered water. I just can’t get enough of this drink!

RISE Kombucha

me and kombucha


These delicious and creamy probiotic yogurts – all pasteurized and made with natural sugars found in milk – come in so many delicious flavours. And I know because we were allowed to sample them all at The Wellness Show! How lucky is that?! Not only am I going to start incorporating these nicely portioned yogurts into my breakfast but I’m going to have them for dessert as well. The Caramel flavor was almost too good to be true!



If you want a delicious and refreshing treat made of organic ingredients and filled with antioxidants, look no further! These special Tea Foods TeaPops contain one of the world’s most popular drinks, use no refined sugar, and come in five different flavours – some with and without caffeine. Toasted Coconut and Southern Iced Tea were the two that I tried at The Wellness Show and I think I actually squealed with delight! Bring on the other flavours… and perhaps some summer weather while we’re at it!



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